Drevlianskyi Nature Reserve

Zhytomyr region

About park

Drevlianskyi Nature Reserve is a land of crystal clear rivers, emerald forests and green meadows, where mavkas wander through the blueberry forests and hide among pine trees, and red-haired rusalkas bathe in clear waters, where the secrets of the temple of beauty and grandeur of
wildlife are hidden.
This picturesque site of Zhytomyr Polissia is a part of the great and ancient Drevlianskyi region. The indefatigable chirping of birds welcomes us along the winding shores of the ancient Uzh, in the eternal waters of which old willows bathe their branches. The forest skirts attract with delicious raspberries, wild strawberries and blackberries. And somewhere there, in the depths of green moss, black-capped boletuses and fiery semaphores of red-capped scaber stalks (Leccinum aurantíacum) hide.
The reserve is a cosy home for rare animals. Here you will find the elk (Alces alces), the common crane (Grus grus), as well as the European pond turtle (Emys orbicularis) – the only freshwater species of turtles in Ukraine. It is here that scientists discovered a new species of lichen, which was named after the
reserve – Rusavskia Drevlianska.


What to do

Visit centers, museums
Visit centers, museums

Reserve’s area – 308.72 sq.km.



35 km

route length


rare plants


rare animals


old churches


The nature reserve is located on lands contaminated by radionuclides after the Chornobyl disaster. It falls under complete “reservation area” zoning, so a tour is possible only on foot and in the company of an employee of the reserve. Unauthorized excursion is prohibited.

International statuses

How to get here


There is bus service from Kyiv, Zhytomyr, and Korosten
Distance from Korosten to Narodychi urban village – 48 km, from Zhytomyr – 135 km, from Kyiv –173 km.


The nearest railway station – in Korosten town. The nearest airport – in Kyiv city.


Narodychi urban village, 188 Zamkova Str., Zhytomyr region, 11401
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