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What is
Ukrainian Nature Reserve Fund?

The nature of Ukraine is spectacular and diverse. It boasts forests and steppes, mountains and bogs, rivers and seas, floodplains and even a desert. It makes you fall in love, inspires, surprises, takes your breath away. It is so fragile, though. Delicate ecosystems are helpless in the face of human actions, sometimes unintentional, but at times outright evil.

We have inherited a priceless treasure, the Nature of Ukraine. We want to preserve this natural legacy of ours for the world and for our children, ensure the survival and preservation of unique natural values, such as virgin forests, rare types of habitats, and also diversity of animals and plants, both rare and ordinary.

Every day over 10, 000 employees of reserves and parks, orchards and forestries, state government bodies, non-governmental organizations, and volunteers come to work to take care of the nature of the Ukrainian land. They protect, they nurture, they study. We must safeguard the beauty of Ukraine together.

National Parks and Reserves of Ukraine

  • 53 National Nature Parks

  • 19 Nature Reserves

  • 5 Biosphere Reserves



Why is it forbidden to make noice in forest in spring?

Season of love in animal kingdom starts on April 1. The regime of silence was introduced in Ukraine so that we would not disturb them.

Ancient and Primeval Beech Forests are a living history of nature

One third of European Ancient and Primeval Beech Forests are located in Ukraine.

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