Opuk Nature Reserve

Autonomous Republic of Crimea

About reserve

The name comes from Opuk Mountain (185 m) – the highest point of the Kerch Peninsula. There are several lakes in the territory of the reserve, the largest of which are Koiaske and Uzunlarske lakes. Mini-archipelago “Rocks-ships” (Elken-kaya) with a height of 7 to 12 metres stretches a few kilometres from the shoreline.


By appearance and natural features, the Opuk massif is not in harmony at all with the steppe plain landscapes of the Kerch Peninsula. This is a table mountain, the slopes of which are divided into terraces, complicated by ledges, steep cliffs, stony screes, determining the peculiar living conditions of plants and animals, more typical for the mountain than for the plain Crimea.

Warning! The reserve is located in the territory of Crimea, occupied by the troops of the Russian Federation since 2014. International organizations have declared the occupation and annexation of Crimea illegal, condemned Russia's actions and imposed sanctions against it. Crimea is Ukraine! See you after the liberation of the peninsula from the aggressor.

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