Ivory Coast of Sviatoslav National Nature Park

Mykolaiv region

About park

This is a place where the salt waters of the Black Sea and the hoary Dnipro meet. A cosy home for many animal species and a resting place for thousands of birds. And yet it is an amazing place of power and inspiration, of fragrant air and starry sky, perfect for a complete reload and contemplation of nature, a magnet for talented people and lovers of a simple lifestyle, and just a beautiful place to stay by the sea and watch the colourful sunset.


One of the most famous places in the park is the Kinburn Spit, which separates the Dnipro-Bug estuary from the Black Sea, and the Pokrovska Spit in Yahorlyk Bay. These incredible places, where the land melts in the waters of the sea, give wonderful feelings to those who are lucky enough to visit it. But these places are park’s reserve areas and “nurseries” for many animal species. Here, dolphins often play and whiptail stingrays often sunbathe in coastal waters. Black-winged stilts and common curlews, shelducks and common eiders, common terns and gulls and dozens of other species of birds are rightful owners here, because this is where they nest and raise their birdlings, and white pelicans fly with the offspring in search of food here.


The peninsula is shrouded in many myths and legends – about Achilles and the temple dedicated to the hero, Scythian treasures and adventures of the Cossacks. Here the Ottoman fortress of Kinburn was situated, which was an obstacle on the way to the sea. And the park got its name in honour of the Kyiv prince Sviatoslav the Brave, who according to the legend, stopped here together with the soldiers during crusades to have a rest on the snow-white coast.




Park’s area

353 sq. km.


historical and tourist routes


educational trails

120 km

total length of routes

22 km

of sandy white seacoast


The territories of the Kinburn Spit, Biienkovi wetlands and Pokrovska Spit have the status of reserve areas, so tours here are possible only with a tour guide. During the spring-autumn migration season and during the nesting season of birds, visiting these areas is strictly prohibited.

How to get here

By train

to Mykolaiv, Odesa, Kherson

By bus

to the town of Ochakiv; there is also a bus service to Mykolaiv, Odesa, Kyiv

By motor boat

from maritime terminals No. 333 and No. 334, as well as the city beach

By car

from Kherson through the town of Oleshky and the village of Heroiske


park’s administration office – town of Ochakiv, 3 Lotsmanska Str., Mykolaiv region, Ukraine, 57508

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