Kazantyp Nature Reserve

Autonomous Republic of Crimea

About reserve

This is a small peninsula washed by the waters of the Sea of Azov. By origin, it is a reef that has risen slowly from the seabed. The edges of the peninsula are slightly higher than the internal territory, hence its name. The word “Kazantyp” means “bottom of the cauldron” in Turkic. And this unusual place is rich in biodiversity – here you can see about 60% of the flora of the Kerch Peninsula, 80 species of fish, 1 species of amphibians, 4 species of reptiles, 81 species of birds and 22 species of mammals. And all these are found on an area of only 450 hectares.


Those who visited these lands, whether a novice naturalist or an experienced scientist who had already visited all the reserves of Ukraine, were sure to find here something amazing and something they had long dreamt to see.

Warning! The reserve is located in the territory of Crimea, occupied by the troops of the Russian Federation since 2014. International organizations have declared the occupation and annexation of Crimea illegal, condemned Russia's actions and imposed sanctions against it. Crimea is Ukraine! See you after the liberation of the peninsula from the aggressor.

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