Ukrainian Steppe Nature Reserve

Donetsk region

About reserve

The reserve is located on the hills of the Pryazovia Upland and has four branches: “Khomutovskyi steppe”, “Kamiani Mohyly”, “Kreidova flora” and “Kalmiuske”. Here the original steppe vegetation is preserved. Owing to it, chornozem, the natural wealth of Ukraine, was formed. A special pride of the reserve is feather grass, represented by 14 species. In such reserve areas you can see the territory of Southern Ukraine as it looked in old times from the Black and Azov Seas to the forest area in the north of the country – wild feather grass steppes, where dozens of tribes and peoples travelled from east to west, whose descendants now inhabit Europe.

Warning! Part of the territory of the National Nature Park (reserve) is occupied by the Russian Federation and pro-Russian forces under its control. A Joint Forces Operation (JFO) is being conducted in the area of the reserve to liberate the territory from the occupiers. See you after the victory!

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